Mr. Misters: Everyday all natural aromatherapy.


Mr. Misters: All natural aromatherapy misters that complement your daily activities. Utilize nature’s bounty with one of seven handcrafted formulas. Enhance your life at home, at the office and everywhere in between.

Mr. BuzzOff
All natural mosquito repellent.
Keep the mosquitos away with this helpful blend of essential oils. All natural mosquito repellant for the whole family. Handcrafted with citronella, lavender and lemongrass essential oils. Highly effective and pleasantly scented...for bug spray.

Mr. Chill
Relax and rest well!
A soothing blend of lavender & chamomile essential oils to help calm your nerves & relax your senses. Mist on your pillows before you lay down for a peaceful nights' rest. Helps to relieve sunburns, tension and headaches.

Mr. Femme
Soothes emotions!
Accentuate the positive aspects of being a woman while alleviating the negative with this soothing, lightly floral and citrus blend of essential oils. Helps to relieve negative feelings and emotional distress as well as menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms.

Mr. Holiday
Sweet 'n Spicy!
Enjoy the holiday season year round with this warming blend of cinnamon & clove essential oils.

Mr. Mountain
Crisp 'n fresh
Formerly Mr. Man, this invigorating blend of juniper and citrus is reminiscent of crisp mountain air. Use as a body mister, room, car and linen freshener. (CAUTION: Not recommended for pregnant women, people with epilepsy, or high blood pressure.)

Mr. Orange
Sweet 'n Happy!
Invite happiness into your life with this sweet blend of orange & vanilla essential oils. Just try to be unhappy after a whiff of Mr. Orange and kids love it!

Mr. Pep E. Mint
Cool down and wake up!
Invigorating essential oil of peppermint to relieve, refresh & revive. This cooling mister is super refreshing for hot summery days, brings relief to migraine sufferers and increases blood circulation. (Caution: Not recommended for pregnant women.)

Mr. Uplifter
Lift your spirits and awaken your mind.
A refreshing blend of essential oils, including rosemary & citrus to energize the spirit & awaken the mind. (CAUTION: Not recommended for pregnant women, people with epilepsy, or high blood pressure.)