Our Mission

New Harmony exists to inspire our community-members to demand more from their lives.

The Time is Now for a New Harmony!

The Industrial Revolution is the last movement that completely changed daily life all over the world; and over the last century, the age of technology kept the ball rolling with major innovations and it seems that our lives have greatly improved, but at what cost? It seems that with these industrial and technological advances life has become a fast paced bedlam fueled by monotonous products and ideas. Modern conveniences and desires have over-shadowed originality, meaning and health. However, awareness of these issues is currently growing. Now is the time for a new harmony in our lives. Now is the time to take a step toward a new era of modern enlightenment, to go back to our roots where art is meaningful, and emphasis is placed on originality and quality craftsmanship. We need to unite as a global community by sharing a common interest in the earth and make positive choices to live more consciously of our impact on ourselves, each other and this planet.

 All of New Harmony’s profits go to charity organizations. Thank you for supporting New Harmony!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”